The Phonon Metaverse project is based on Web3 technology, it creates metaverse solutions for industry, agriculture, gaming, environmental protection and education optimized for VR/AR/XR, and serves them with blockchain-based ecosystems and associated tools, tokens and NFTs.

The metaverse solutions created by Us, which serve different clients and tasks, are based on the same technology and can be connected, helping interoperability. In addition to the crypto trilemma of decentralization, security and scalability. Sustainability is also considered as an important factor.



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We proactively map needs.
We propose, design, develop and create a virtual world that is not only connected to the physical reality but also offers solutions to the problems that arise there.


Virtual Reality

Virtual reality technology is unavoidable not only in the gaming industry but also in economic processes.
Our goal is to create platforms where education, production and gaming also find their place.



Phonon Metaverse’s innovations and projects contribute to the reduction of the ecological footprint, increase sustainability, and encourage users to be environmentally conscious.



The Phonon Metaverse Project (PMP) is a metaverse project created for the participants in terms of usability and sustainability, which relies on WEB 3 technologies and blockchains.
Universality is not the main organizing force, but the so-called construction through use cases.
In contrast to already widespread projects (e.g.: Sandbox, Decentraland), the PMP project does not want to deliver the universe of entertainment ready-made, but wants to present the projects developed by it and its partners in the Metaverse and populate it step by step.

  • Main areas: integration of immersive, 3d technologies (VR, AR, XR) into the metaverse.
  • The support and integration of education and industrial/agricultural projects is a particularly important area.
  • Inclusion and support of environmental protection and other sustainability projects.
  • Gaming and Esports.
  • Introduction of partners who do not have relevant experience in the blockchain/web3 world.
  • Embracing startup businesses.

The goal of the creators of the Project is for the PMP to be an initiative based on an independent token ecosystem, which serves both the professional and strategic aspects of the use case owners, as well as the business aspects of other participants.

The connections within the ecosystem are ensured by a self-issued native token, which can be used to purchase and reward services within the metaverse, as well as for speculation and profit making. The stability of the value of the token, transparency and open, effective communication are the priority tasks of the creators.

The use of NFT as a technology is organically connected to the project.
The lands, waters, buildings and devices that appear will appear and be used in the form of NFTs and will be important components of the usable metaverse. They are also suitable for rewarding, creating value and storing.

Exclusivity is not a primary consideration, PMP values and advocates cooperation with other projects.
Decentralization is one of the fundamental values and strengths of crypto technology. The goal is for the PMP to become self-sufficient and self-governing as soon as possible.



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Participants in the current web2-based economy, whether engaged in industrial or agricultural activities, are most often involved in the operation of existing systems. Neither their time nor their energy is left to understand web3, a radically new technology, even less time to apply it and to solve current and future problems.
Phonon Metaverse explores for them how to match metaverse and blockchain opportunities to increase productivity and efficiency, even generating extra profit from a previously non-existent source of profit.